Where is your healing place?

We all need that one place that we can call our healing place. Near the water is it for me! I would actually love to live right on the beach....maybe someday! Until then, I will visit it as often as I can. Sometimes that’s even as simple as sitting alone with pictures and maybe some … Continue reading Where is your healing place?


I just want to scream….

The block in my mind is so real. What will it take to clear it? I need to make the time for just me, to get out into nature and lay my worries down at the feet of my higher God. The mind becomes so cluttered with the crap of everyday life, that it creates … Continue reading I just want to scream….

Leaving reality behind…

  She sat down on the sand, just wanting to soak up the atmosphere for a while. It didn’t take long for the serenity of her surroundings to envelope her with a magical peace. She did not want to leave this place, but they would be looking for her. Or would they? Sometimes she wondered. Everyone … Continue reading Leaving reality behind…

Make a date with yourself.

Why does it seem so hard to find the time to do what needs to be done? Could it be because we allow excuses to take over? Maybe. Could it be because we over-obligate ourselves? Yes, it could be that too. So, how do we work past whatever the problem is and start to move … Continue reading Make a date with yourself.

Live life with no regrets!

I used to think that I could only go after what I wanted once I had everything in perfect order. But, if I wait for that moment…I won’t ever get anywhere. Even as a coach, we will have bad days. We will have struggles and dilemmas. That is perfectly ok. It shows that we are … Continue reading Live life with no regrets!

Are you looking through realistic eyes?

With all the talk of big dreams and where you want to be in life…Let’s slow things down just a bit. Let me ask you…REALISTICALLY, where exactly do you see yourself in 6 months or a year. What about 5 or 10 years? Are you and your partner on the same page? Do you want … Continue reading Are you looking through realistic eyes?