Shades of gray…

Life involving depression is no bed of roses! The world around you wants to judge you, and make light of what you are experiencing. When you finally acknowledge that you need help...people act as though you are just wanting attention. That actually couldn't be further from the truth. Next thing you know, you are having... Continue Reading →


Living Two Lives…

For those who face the struggles of depression and anxiety , it often feels like you are forced to live two very different lives. There's the life that the world sees - full of laughter, smiles, and even success. There's a fear with letting them see the real you, because they will never understand. Then... Continue Reading →

Are you ready?

It is an amazing feeling to know in your heart that there is not a single thing you can't accomplish, if you just put your mind to it. The sky truly is the limit!! With my various battles over my lifetime, I used to doubt this aspect for myself. But I have found that as... Continue Reading →

Time for an honest talk…

What a day! I have struggled and struggled today to focus on what to share. My mind kept drawing a blank. I wonder why that is? Have I possibly run out of things to say? Highly doubtful, seeing as here I am randomly spouting off. I was looking through my personal Facebook page earlier, and... Continue Reading →

Her light was fading fast….

As the light quickly fades from her eyes, the reality of her life becomes so visible. All she ever wanted, or tried to do, was to please and take care of everyone else. She never figured herself into the equation of anything that she did. And because she felt like such a failure at the... Continue Reading →

Appreciation is so important…

Yesterday I decided to pretty much take a break from most social media and blog outlets.  Instead I spent the afternoon on the back porch at my family member's lake house. All of the rains over the last few days here in Texas have caused the lake to rise tremendously. Just in their cove alone,... Continue Reading →

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