Why must we cry alone??

We hide our tears so that no one sees, We wear our mask to make others believe. Our inner cries forever unheard, Until this life we beg to leave.   They'll never understand us, They only know to judge and put down. Our scars run so deep now, We force smiles to hide the frown. … Continue reading Why must we cry alone??

A little self-evaluation is good every once in awhile…

How do I write today? My mind is heavy with all kinds of thoughts, but how do I choose what needs to be said? It all comes down to I feel like every post should have meaning, and substance. But, I'm sure that is only the standard I have put upon myself. Essentially, I should … Continue reading A little self-evaluation is good every once in awhile…

Her light was fading fast….

As the light quickly fades from her eyes, the reality of her life becomes so visible. All she ever wanted, or tried to do, was to please and take care of everyone else. She never figured herself into the equation of anything that she did. And because she felt like such a failure at the … Continue reading Her light was fading fast….

Why must they do that??

I was scrolling through the news feed on one of my social media outlets earlier, and came across this post that a friend has made.  I thought it might make a good blog topic today. "So real talk, when you're down and out, sad and depressed...everyone tries to build you up. But as soon as … Continue reading Why must they do that??

You are what you choose to be.

You are every good & bad experience. You are every success & every failure. You are a combination of every minute of your life so far. That means that you are truly blessed because you have just been given unlimited lessons! They will help you grow & learn as a person. Never regret a second … Continue reading You are what you choose to be.

Don’t bottle it up…

I used to the quiet girl sitting over in the corner who thought that what she had to say didn't matter.  I allowed people to run all over me because I didn't have the strength or courage to stand up for myself. Now, I'm not sure exactly where those perceptions came from, but they have been … Continue reading Don’t bottle it up…

Time to challenge the storms….

What if the storms aren't really trying to drown you, but instead are only trying to wash you clean? Have you stopped and thought about it like that before? I know I never really have.  I've always been so focused on the worst case scenario - and that the storms of life were absolutely going … Continue reading Time to challenge the storms….