Finding a safe zone…

As I sat down in the chair to write, a ton of emotions poured into my mind. But, before I get to deal with any of them…someone always comes in and disrupts my silence. There has been a plethora of thoughts that have stirred up in the past few weeks as I am trying to... Continue Reading →


A day for you..

Every now and then, we all need to simply take a day to spend on ourselves. We work so hard every day, and yet somehow always manage to neglect our own self in the process. There is a necessity to the act of doing something for you, that allows you to acknowledge that your body,... Continue Reading →

Throw out yesterday’s skin…

“Don’t cry for the person you used to be. You need to thank that version of you, because without it you wouldn’t be the beautiful, strong person that you are today. “ We are all constantly changing and evolving, shedding our skin of yesterday. That is a necessary step so that we can come full... Continue Reading →

She felt like she was living a lie….

“What is wrong with me today? “she thought to herself.  Everything was just so out of sync. She knew what was wrong….but she just didn’t understand how things could get so crazy so fast. It saddened her tremendously to think that we had to become so dependent on man-made pharmaceuticals to even get through daily... Continue Reading →

My head is burning….

Sometimes, life just doesn't go as one would hope. Like tonight....there was supposed to be a group of us sitting around the fire, yet here I am...alone. Now the fire is dying down, I have my drink in my hand, and suddenly I realize...I needed to be alone tonight. My head is so full, things... Continue Reading →

Forever lost…

No one understands her, but how could she honestly expect them to when she didn't understand her herself. She felt like she believed in something didn't even exist. There was no such thing as true love in her eyes, only contentment. And that seemed to cover every single emotion. What was wrong with her?? What had... Continue Reading →

Why must we cry alone??

We hide our tears so that no one sees, We wear our mask to make others believe. Our inner cries forever unheard, Until this life we beg to leave.   They'll never understand us, They only know to judge and put down. Our scars run so deep now, We force smiles to hide the frown.... Continue Reading →

Her light was fading fast….

As the light quickly fades from her eyes, the reality of her life becomes so visible. All she ever wanted, or tried to do, was to please and take care of everyone else. She never figured herself into the equation of anything that she did. And because she felt like such a failure at the... Continue Reading →

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