New Years Resolutions

Here we are winding down yet another year. Soon everyone will be sharing their laundry list of new years resolutions. The saddest part of that is there will be a lot of folks that don’t make it past the first few days. Why is that, do you suppose? A lot of it could be because … Continue reading New Years Resolutions


Start fresh every day….

This has got to be one of the best things I know. To know that each and every morning we start off brand new, its wonderful. We can leave any mistakes behind us, we can leave any toxic people or situation behind us and start fresh...that should be a very empowering concept!! You are the … Continue reading Start fresh every day….

There’s always tomorrow…

  Tomorrow is a brand new chance to make things different.  Never lose sight of that.  Just because today seemed like that worst day ever...doesn't mean it is over!  The caterpillar thought that her life was over, then she became a beautiful butterfly!  We all deserve that right to believe in the opportunity of new … Continue reading There’s always tomorrow…

Sleep walking through life…

I know of no other way to describe it these days. So many of us, myself included, have become nothing short of mere mindless robots, somehow sleep walking our way through this life. We get up, go to work, go home or wherever else we need to after work, to bed and then up the … Continue reading Sleep walking through life…

Take off the blinders, and really look at life!!

As we go through our daily life, we come upon many different, and sometimes difficult, people and/or situations. We are usually very quick to try and judge, or blame, our downfalls on these things. But what if we take a different approach to that for a change. We need each and every experience that comes … Continue reading Take off the blinders, and really look at life!!

Are you ready for your wings???

We often spend our entire lives pretending to be someone who we're not. We let everyone around us dictate how we live our lives. We let them take away our identity, and therefore, leave our voice forever silent. We think that if we keep everything to ourselves we won't hurt anyone else, or cause trouble … Continue reading Are you ready for your wings???

Why must they do that??

I was scrolling through the news feed on one of my social media outlets earlier, and came across this post that a friend has made.  I thought it might make a good blog topic today. "So real talk, when you're down and out, sad and depressed...everyone tries to build you up. But as soon as … Continue reading Why must they do that??