Always a work in progress…

I feel like I am constantly under construction in my life. Is there an end goal, I wonder? Sometimes it certainly doesn’t seem so. Well, to be honest…we are a continual work in progress. Sure, there are big picture goals that we envision, but on a personal level we truly are ever-evolving. Just when I... Continue Reading →


Coming out of isolation…

We all deserve the chance to go through life changing transformations. Be prepared for that season of solitude. But the end result will always be worth it!

Hard to do…but necessary!

We spend so much of our lives being told who we are, or should be...and how to live our lives that we lose track of who we truly are.  For some, this even starts happening so young, that they never even get the opportunity to know who they are really meant to be.  Block out... Continue Reading →

Feel the change…

It’s never too late to make a change. Just look at me – at 45, I am in the process of a major career change, learning new things, finding my voice that has been buried a lifetime already. So, you can do it too! You just have to believe in yourself. I’ve been struggling with... Continue Reading →

I had to step within…

I had stepped away from the blog for the last couple of weeks as I have been partaking in a very driven holiday challenge conducted by a dear life coach that I follow.  It has been a short season to step within myself and evaluate who I am and where I am going.  There are... Continue Reading →

New Years Resolutions

Here we are winding down yet another year. Soon everyone will be sharing their laundry list of new years resolutions. The saddest part of that is there will be a lot of folks that don’t make it past the first few days. Why is that, do you suppose? A lot of it could be because... Continue Reading →

Start fresh every day….

This has got to be one of the best things I know. To know that each and every morning we start off brand new, its wonderful. We can leave any mistakes behind us, we can leave any toxic people or situation behind us and start fresh...that should be a very empowering concept!! You are the... Continue Reading →

There’s always tomorrow…

  Tomorrow is a brand new chance to make things different.  Never lose sight of that.  Just because today seemed like that worst day ever...doesn't mean it is over!  The caterpillar thought that her life was over, then she became a beautiful butterfly!  We all deserve that right to believe in the opportunity of new... Continue Reading →

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