New Year’s Resolutions…I think NOT!!

Why do we all put ourselves through the torture, and eventual disappointment. Every year we create a list of things that we want to do different- lose weight, stop smoking, any number of things. But honestly, if these were things we were truly serious about doing- we wouldn’t wait until January 1 to put them … Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions…I think NOT!!

What’s Next??

After the drive down here- sitting here at a park bench on Seawall…. if you drown out the cars behind you and focus your mind to what’s in front of you- it is the sound of peace calling. It is after dark, so people are sparsely scattered around, which makes this that much more enjoyable. … Continue reading What’s Next??

Remember That Inner C hild?

  As I awoke yesterday, the little girl inside me starting singing…”It’s my birthday”.  But, very quickly the grown up me said ‘It’s just another day.”  I’m just curious, who says we have to ever lose that excitement we felt as children?  It has begun to sink into me that honestly, birthdays should definitely be … Continue reading Remember That Inner C hild?

I Think I can…I Think I Can… :)

  Learning to step outside my comfort zone is proving to be one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done.  But then, that’s the point really, isn’t it? In order to open new doors, you must close others. There are so many cliché phrases that could be said here, but they all represent the … Continue reading I Think I can…I Think I Can… 🙂

Such a letdown…

The thoughts going through her head would be enough to terrify anyone! Every time she attempted to close her eyes, all she heard were the voice from her life telling her what a failure she was, and how she wasn’t good enough for anything.  Despite any hurdles she had overcome throughout her life, some things … Continue reading Such a letdown…

What Will ‘NORMAL’ Look Like?

Life as we once knew it is forever changed.  The COVID-19 pandemic that has swept brutally across our country has left so much in shambles.  The majority were sequestered to a life of lockdown, and still may be.  I truly thought that by working at an auto dealership of all things, we would fall victim … Continue reading What Will ‘NORMAL’ Look Like?