Passion on fire… No stopping me now!!

Since starting my blog back in April, I have watched myself go through some transitions. I don't seem to have a set style, with some being more topic oriented, and others having a huge touch of personal to them. I still don't really know which works best for what I want to accomplish, but I … Continue reading Passion on fire… No stopping me now!!


Life’s Express Lane….

via Daily Prompt: Express Instant gratification is such a weakness in our society today. Yes, sure as I just said that… I know I have been a victim of the very idea myself. Maybe I see it as a weakness because I grew up in the era before email, text messages and blogs. There was … Continue reading Life’s Express Lane….

The night my life outlook changed..

I can hardly believe it. Today marks 6 months since I made my very first blog post. The response and feedback I have gotten has been absolutely remarkable. It was Easter weekend, and I was slowly coming back up from a depression battle. I got up Easter morning and went to church with some very … Continue reading The night my life outlook changed..

PSA….remember our elderly family!!!

How do you know when to step in? I’m currently in the process of reversing the caregiver roles with both my parents, and my father-in-law. Each situation presents its own set of issues and difficulties, and lately, they all seem to be taking a bit of a toll on me. Due to my need to … Continue reading PSA….remember our elderly family!!!

Good grief already….break out of that shell!!

Why do we feel like we have to hide who we truly are sometimes? Are we that afraid that others won’t like us? My response to that is, why do we even care so much? Then there is the thought that we have been so conditioned to be a certain way, how do we ever … Continue reading Good grief already….break out of that shell!!

Please…prayers for my fellow Texans…

    My heart breaks for my fellow Texans as they are in the midst of the destruction and devastation as a result of Hurricane Harvey.   It may be weeks before we know the true scope of it all. Texas is a huge state, and while I may not be close to disaster area distance wise...I … Continue reading Please…prayers for my fellow Texans…