Always a work in progress…

I feel like I am constantly under construction in my life. Is there an end goal, I wonder? Sometimes it certainly doesn’t seem so. Well, to be honest…we are a continual work in progress. Sure, there are big picture goals that we envision, but on a personal level we truly are ever-evolving. Just when I... Continue Reading →


Is it time for a major change?

The ways from my childhood are starting to butt heads with my current mind.  My beliefs on things such as love, religion, and even life itself, are starting to change it seems.  I think that, coupled with my extreme stress levels lately, is partly to blame for my overwhelming dazed and confused state of mind.... Continue Reading →

Learning priorities…

Why do we try to tear ourselves down just when we seem to be on the right track to emotional wellness? Self sabotage is a vicious circle of ups and downs that can be hard to navigate. For myself, I know I am here to help others. But I almost allow that to be to... Continue Reading →

Living 2 lives in one….

  She didn't know what to do. She was so dependent on others around her for everything. She never learned how to live her own life. She never knew that was an option. From one domineering place to another...but was that really fair to say? Maybe not. It was her own upbringing and insecurities that... Continue Reading →

Changing my views…

The mind is a very tricky place. It can fool you into perceptions that may or may not be accurate. But, it's our we have to believe it, right?!?! Wait, there's an option there?? Even our own minds can lie to us?!?! Now that is a real eye opening thought. I alone , have... Continue Reading →

I feel like a broken record.

I'm back at a block again...the ideas just aren't coming together. I've looked back over posts from when I started this process, wishing that something would jump at me to write about. The thing is, my heart and my mind are so full of 'junk' that I need to clear it out. I still have... Continue Reading →

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