Passion on fire… No stopping me now!!

Since starting my blog back in April, I have watched myself go through some transitions. I don't seem to have a set style, with some being more topic oriented, and others having a huge touch of personal to them. I still don't really know which works best for what I want to accomplish, but I … Continue reading Passion on fire… No stopping me now!!


Life’s Express Lane….

via Daily Prompt: Express Instant gratification is such a weakness in our society today. Yes, sure as I just said that… I know I have been a victim of the very idea myself. Maybe I see it as a weakness because I grew up in the era before email, text messages and blogs. There was … Continue reading Life’s Express Lane….

Lunch for one please…

I decided to actually leave work for lunch today as bit is such a beautiful day outside. Decisions, decisions on where to go...but ultimately ended up coming downtown to sit on the patio at one of the cafes. They consider this a historic downtown area, full of old buildings that have been exquisitely renovated into … Continue reading Lunch for one please…

The night my life outlook changed..

I can hardly believe it. Today marks 6 months since I made my very first blog post. The response and feedback I have gotten has been absolutely remarkable. It was Easter weekend, and I was slowly coming back up from a depression battle. I got up Easter morning and went to church with some very … Continue reading The night my life outlook changed..

Why are Mondays always so heavy with thoughts??

I include ‘her’ in every book I start to write, and yet never have the courage to finish. Who is ‘her’?? It’s a sliver of who I am, or who I want to be! The perfect love stories, the romances with some mystery, each starter I have seems to all have a ‘her’ as the … Continue reading Why are Mondays always so heavy with thoughts??