Tell fear to take a hike!!

Fear really is such a stifling emotion. Why do we let it control us the way we do? Whatever happened to tell us that we need to be afraid of something? I would be willing to bet that there was nothing to instigate that fear. It's just a false emotion that we build up in … Continue reading Tell fear to take a hike!!


I dare you…

  Do you know who you truly are at your core? I would venture to say that most will probably answer no, not really. That’s ok!! I can honestly say that I was the say way until about a year ago. Over the course of the last year, I have finally begun to figure it … Continue reading I dare you…

The apology you never got…

Sometimes in life you have to learn to forgive the 'I'm worry' that you never got. The forgiveness has nothing to do with the other person anyways. When you chose to forgive, it has to do with your own peace of mind. It took me a long time to truly understand that. But once I … Continue reading The apology you never got…


The other side of those headlights…

The daily commute has become so mundane, I think I could do it with my eyes closed. I passed thousands of cars in my time of daily commuting. I often wonder, where are they going, what are they doing, how will they know when they get there? Does everyone drive around as lost as what … Continue reading The other side of those headlights…


What are my life experiences worth?

How are we supposed to quantify our experiences into something tangible to be able to charge for our knowledge? That is something that I have thought long and hard about, and still have no answer. I often say that life lessons are the best lessons learned. That is definitely true, but again how do you … Continue reading What are my life experiences worth?


You are what YOU see!!

We've all seen various versions of this photo, but the point is always the same.  It does not matter of others only see the small kitten that you may physically be.  What's important is the very reflection that you see yourself.  Once you see the vision of the beautiful white, Siberian tiger.....believe that you are … Continue reading You are what YOU see!!


Where is your healing place?

We all need that one place that we can call our healing place. Near the water is it for me! I would actually love to live right on the beach....maybe someday! Until then, I will visit it as often as I can. Sometimes that’s even as simple as sitting alone with pictures and maybe some … Continue reading Where is your healing place?