Next in line…

Here we are in November, and it’s time to start preparing for the next holiday – Thanksgiving. I have been spending a little too much time focusing on the negatives and what is going wrong in my life, and not truly thinking about the very things that I am grateful for. And I know I... Continue Reading →


Time for formal introductions…

Hi everyone, my name is Sharon Green and I wanted to take just a few minutes and talk to y'all. I have spent my entire life wandering around trying to figure out just what I am here for. I made alot of wrong turns and bad decisions along my journey. I've even had to battle... Continue Reading →

Burn through those clouds…

What a gorgeous morning!! The sun is shining through the clouds, showing that it’s power is stronger than the gloom. That’s the way we should approach life honestly. Learn how to be that strong, powerful sun! Burn away at the gloom and despair until your light shines so bright that there is no mistaking that... Continue Reading →

We made it…to Friday!

It started out a beautiful morning, and has only gotten more spectacular as the day has gone by. The feel of the sun gleaming in through the window, wishing that I could be outside to actually feel it on my face…aww. As I have thought all day about how to approach today’s post, I knew... Continue Reading →

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