Stepping into the new year…

It occurred to me that some may think I have disappeared from the blogging world with my lack of posting this last month or so.  Then the flipside to that also hit me too - many may not have even noticed. Either way, I am still here and am mere days from getting back to … Continue reading Stepping into the new year…


Waves of Transformation

I just spent the evening on the most amazing conference call wrapping up the #MMHolidayChallenge. I want to thank Jeannine Yoder for all of her hard work and dedication to what she does. As a part of tonight's call, we were to finalize our theme for the year. When you choose that one word that … Continue reading Waves of Transformation

Everyone deserves to dream!

Have you allowed yourself to get in such a rut that you can't even remember what your dreams are anymore? Now, don't try to tell me that you've never had a dream or goal that you wanted to achieve!! We all have, even if we forgot them. You got a little bogged down with every … Continue reading Everyone deserves to dream!


If you don’t ever start, you won’t ever finish…

Why is that great idea still only in your head?? Don't you want to bring it to life? Isn't it something that others could benefit from somehow? We could all come up with dozens of excuses why we haven't start something that we claim means so much to us. "I don't have time.", "I'm too … Continue reading If you don’t ever start, you won’t ever finish…


You got what it takes??

"As long as you've got passion, faith and are willing to work hard, you can do anything you want in this life!" We all have that potential you know, to reach greatness in our lives. Passion goes a long way... But honestly, I think it's more about faith and willingness! Faith in YOU, and in … Continue reading You got what it takes??


Last chapter of 2017…

Are you ready to start the last chapter for this year? Do you think you will spend it reflecting back over the year, the good and the bad? Or will you spent it planning ahead for what you want to accomplish in the coming year? I personally am thinking it will probably be a combination … Continue reading Last chapter of 2017…


Are you ready?

It is an amazing feeling to know in your heart that there is not a single thing you can't accomplish, if you just put your mind to it. The sky truly is the limit!! With my various battles over my lifetime, I used to doubt this aspect for myself. But I have found that as … Continue reading Are you ready?