A different perspective is often a good thing.

It is a gorgeous morning here in Texas, and what better way to start a week of thankfulness. I know that not every country or culture necessarily observes the same holidays as we do in the USA, but thats okay. A dear friend of mine told me just a few days ago that while as... Continue Reading →


Time for an honest talk…

What a day! I have struggled and struggled today to focus on what to share. My mind kept drawing a blank. I wonder why that is? Have I possibly run out of things to say? Highly doubtful, seeing as here I am randomly spouting off. I was looking through my personal Facebook page earlier, and... Continue Reading →

Don’t bottle it up…

I used to the quiet girl sitting over in the corner who thought that what she had to say didn't matter.  I allowed people to run all over me because I didn't have the strength or courage to stand up for myself. Now, I'm not sure exactly where those perceptions came from, but they have been... Continue Reading →

Lessons learned the hard way

I've got a lot weighing on my mind...and it revolves around friendship. I've always felt like the one on the outside of all the circles. And, for the most part...I've been okay with that The few people that I have ever been able to claim as friends...well, I often wonder when it comes down to... Continue Reading →

How can I possibly help the masses???

Sometimes there comes along that once person that you desperately want to help, but when you do....it totally blows up in you face.I am a bit nervous that I damaged a friendship beyond repair.  I am such a nonconfrontaí person. All I ever wanted to do was protect someone from going down the same path... Continue Reading →

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