Her light was fading fast….

As the light quickly fades from her eyes, the reality of her life becomes so visible. All she ever wanted, or tried to do, was to please and take care of everyone else. She never figured herself into the equation of anything that she did. And because she felt like such a failure at the... Continue Reading →


Why must they do that??

I was scrolling through the news feed on one of my social media outlets earlier, and came across this post that a friend has made.¬† I thought it might make a good blog topic today. "So real talk, when you're down and out, sad and depressed...everyone tries to build you up. But as soon as... Continue Reading →

Lessons learned the hard way

I've got a lot weighing on my mind...and it revolves around friendship. I've always felt like the one on the outside of all the circles. And, for the most part...I've been okay with that The few people that I have ever been able to claim as friends...well, I often wonder when it comes down to... Continue Reading →

How can I possibly help the masses???

Sometimes there comes along that once person that you desperately want to help, but when you do....it totally blows up in you face.I am a bit nervous that I damaged a friendship beyond repair.  I am such a nonconfronta√≠ person. All I ever wanted to do was protect someone from going down the same path... Continue Reading →

Do yourself a favor…

There comes a point in time when you mist find the strength to FORGIVE those who may have wronged you! It has nothing to do with that other person though. Forgiveness is for you alone. It clears out a space in your head and in your heart, so that you can feel peace again. Forgiving... Continue Reading →

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