Here comes history, yet again…

History has a way of repeating itself, until we learn what we need to learn. In the midst of daily life, and trying to be all for everyone else, I have managed to lose myself again. I had begun to find my voice, to stand up for myself, to be my own independent person….but, I... Continue Reading →


Oh how good it feels…

The soul on fire..... Sunset over the waters... It felt so good to sit down with the brushes again. I had forgotten just how therapeutic it was. Time to restock my supplies and create all that I can! I am mean to share them with the world.

What to do now??

The list of things weighing on me right now is long, but should be manageable. Yet, as soon as I get to this house, it all erupts to the point that I can't concentrate on anything at all. I just don't get it. I have dreams for my life, yet somehow I feel further away... Continue Reading →

Struggling more every day…

I should have known that everything has been losing too smoothly lately. The battle with depression and anxiety just had to rear its ugly head. For some reason the meds just aren't keeping up. I know I have taken on a lot the last few months, most of which revolves around taking care of others.... Continue Reading →

Learning priorities…

Why do we try to tear ourselves down just when we seem to be on the right track to emotional wellness? Self sabotage is a vicious circle of ups and downs that can be hard to navigate. For myself, I know I am here to help others. But I almost allow that to be to... Continue Reading →

I feel like a broken record.

I'm back at a block again...the ideas just aren't coming together. I've looked back over posts from when I started this process, wishing that something would jump at me to write about. The thing is, my heart and my mind are so full of 'junk' that I need to clear it out. I still have... Continue Reading →

The journey is never the same…

As I step out of my comfort zone, I realize that there is so much that can go terribly wrong here. But, I’ve got faith on my side. Faith in God, faith in myself…I am not going to be content with failing. I will be going back through various motivational speeches I’ve listened to lately,... Continue Reading →

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