Going off the deep end…

Who am I kidding? I thought I had the strength and courage to step out in front of the world as a life coach, but I seem to have become paralyzed. I don’t see how I can possibly make a difference. I can’t get past my own fears and insecurities…how can I possibly help others... Continue Reading →


Here comes history, yet again…

History has a way of repeating itself, until we learn what we need to learn. In the midst of daily life, and trying to be all for everyone else, I have managed to lose myself again. I had begun to find my voice, to stand up for myself, to be my own independent person….but, I... Continue Reading →

I’d like a brick wall please!

Talking to a brick wall almost makes more sense. There's no backtalk, no judgment, no guilt..just say what you want so you get it off your chest. Now, there's no feedback or help with resolution either. So its a bit of a trade off. You would think journaling would serve much the same purpose. But... Continue Reading →

Is it time for a major change?

The ways from my childhood are starting to butt heads with my current mind.  My beliefs on things such as love, religion, and even life itself, are starting to change it seems.  I think that, coupled with my extreme stress levels lately, is partly to blame for my overwhelming dazed and confused state of mind.... Continue Reading →

I feel like a broken record.

I'm back at a block again...the ideas just aren't coming together. I've looked back over posts from when I started this process, wishing that something would jump at me to write about. The thing is, my heart and my mind are so full of 'junk' that I need to clear it out. I still have... Continue Reading →


As I look out over the water, the peacefulness outside lends to a temporary peacefulness within. We get so caught up in the ratrace of life that we forget to just sit back and breathe. I don't come out here often enough. I've been doing my reading and research on other coaches a lot lately.... Continue Reading →

The nightmare of a child…

The mask comes down over my nose and mouth as they tell me to count backwards from 10. I don’t remember how far I got before my eyes got so heavy that I just couldn’t hold them open anymore. I can see them all through the glass, but they don’t see me. This hallway is... Continue Reading →

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