Face your fears..

As I sat down this morning to try and work on a new post, I almost felt like I had lost my gift. I am inundated with personal feelings and situations right now, that it is hard to focus on what's really important to me. So what do I do now? I can't have lost... Continue Reading →


Time for an honest talk…

What a day! I have struggled and struggled today to focus on what to share. My mind kept drawing a blank. I wonder why that is? Have I possibly run out of things to say? Highly doubtful, seeing as here I am randomly spouting off. I was looking through my personal Facebook page earlier, and... Continue Reading →

Let’s show the world what love is!

It’s time to stand up tall and be the positive inspiration that causes the world to still believe in the goodness of mankind. I used to never understand why the negative things of the world had such a life crushing affect on me. After some research into different spiritual beliefs and modalities, I fit into... Continue Reading →

Life’s Beacon

  We all deserve a beacon To shine bright in the storms of life. It shows us the path to safety, Amid all the turmoil and strife.   To be that light for others, That’s what I’m on this earth to do. It took me a long time to understand That words can be that... Continue Reading →

Leap of Faith

If you are not willing to do something different to get to a new place in life, then you will be stuck spinning your wheels never getting anywhere. Look, there’s always new ways to look at things, new tactics to get different results. Me, of all people, chose to step outside my comfort zone, and... Continue Reading →

The night my life outlook changed..

I can hardly believe it. Today marks 6 months since I made my very first blog post. The response and feedback I have gotten has been absolutely remarkable. It was Easter weekend, and I was slowly coming back up from a depression battle. I got up Easter morning and went to church with some very... Continue Reading →

Are you ready for your wings???

We often spend our entire lives pretending to be someone who we're not. We let everyone around us dictate how we live our lives. We let them take away our identity, and therefore, leave our voice forever silent. We think that if we keep everything to ourselves we won't hurt anyone else, or cause trouble... Continue Reading →

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