As I begin to put a work space together, things become a bit more realistic. I realized that this small step, could make potentially a huge difference! It represents that I believe in my dream. I am going to do what it takes to move towards success! Can such a small gesture really make that … Continue reading


Everyone deserves to dream!

Have you allowed yourself to get in such a rut that you can't even remember what your dreams are anymore? Now, don't try to tell me that you've never had a dream or goal that you wanted to achieve!! We all have, even if we forgot them. You got a little bogged down with every … Continue reading Everyone deserves to dream!

If you don’t ever start, you won’t ever finish…

Why is that great idea still only in your head?? Don't you want to bring it to life? Isn't it something that others could benefit from somehow? We could all come up with dozens of excuses why we haven't start something that we claim means so much to us. "I don't have time.", "I'm too … Continue reading If you don’t ever start, you won’t ever finish…

It’s almost over.

Here we are, winding down yet another year. Have you accomplished what you wanted to? Have you made any progress towards it at all? I know the answers will vary. If you have little, or no, progress...what's holding you back? If you said fear, then it's time for you to step back and seriously take … Continue reading It’s almost over.

Believe in yourself!

Sometimes I wonder why we have such a hard time believing in ourselves enough to go after our dreams. We look at John Doe over there, that is a huge business success and has a nice home, car, etc..and instantly think that there‚Äôs no way we can ever do that. The truth is though, we … Continue reading Believe in yourself!

Passion on fire… No stopping me now!!

Since starting my blog back in April, I have watched myself go through some transitions. I don't seem to have a set style, with some being more topic oriented, and others having a huge touch of personal to them. I still don't really know which works best for what I want to accomplish, but I … Continue reading Passion on fire… No stopping me now!!