The Age of Understanding

via Daily Prompt: Age There comes a point in life when things just start to make sense. But know that not all understanding comes at the same point. There's things that a 10 year old doesn't need to know about yet. So that particular knowledge comes much later. Figuring out your true purpose in life … Continue reading The Age of Understanding


We can’t approach this gingerly

via Daily Prompt: Gingerly The weather has finally begun to change here in Texas. It seems that the clouds have moved in, and just may be here to stay for a while. The abrupt seasonal changes that we experience don't merely affect the temperature though. It almost always will wreak havoc on one's emotional/mental stability … Continue reading We can’t approach this gingerly

Life’s Express Lane….

via Daily Prompt: Express Instant gratification is such a weakness in our society today. Yes, sure as I just said that… I know I have been a victim of the very idea myself. Maybe I see it as a weakness because I grew up in the era before email, text messages and blogs. There was … Continue reading Life’s Express Lane….