Passion on fire… No stopping me now!!

Since starting my blog back in April, I have watched myself go through some transitions. I don't seem to have a set style, with some being more topic oriented, and others having a huge touch of personal to them. I still don't really know which works best for what I want to accomplish, but I … Continue reading Passion on fire… No stopping me now!!


Pinch me…I reached 100!!

WooHoo!! I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you to everyone!! Reaching 100 followers is a huge milestone for me! To think that my words are now reaching that many people... it is humbling amd also energizing!! My goal is to help others as they go throigh struggles on their journey. I … Continue reading Pinch me…I reached 100!!

Planning for the future…

  “If it doesn’t scare you…you’re not dreaming big enough!” I can safely say that my dreams are big enough then, because the thought of taking the next steps is absolutely terrifying. If someone had told me at the beginning of 2017 that I would finally figure out my path/purpose in this world, or start … Continue reading Planning for the future…

My burden to bear…why??

There's been a bit of frustration building within me lately. And I am not sure how to deal it, or what the right answer is. Being adopted as an infant consequently allowed for a generation gap within my household. In other words, my parents were in the grandparents age bracket as I made my way … Continue reading My burden to bear…why??

Good grief already….break out of that shell!!

Why do we feel like we have to hide who we truly are sometimes? Are we that afraid that others won’t like us? My response to that is, why do we even care so much? Then there is the thought that we have been so conditioned to be a certain way, how do we ever … Continue reading Good grief already….break out of that shell!!

Have you lost your spark??

Why is it so easy to lose that spark that fuels us? Simply put, it’s because we give way too much to power to people around us. This can apply to the spark within your personal relationship, or maybe it’s in your career. It can be in any aspect of your life really. You no … Continue reading Have you lost your spark??

Can a lifetime of struggles lead to greatness?

I often sit and wonder...with all the stuff I've been through and dealt with in my life, is the expectations of achieving greatness something that is even obtainable?!?! It has ranged from trivial struggles, to matters of life or death, from repetitive financial struggles to deep emotionally scarring ones. How could I possibly have anything … Continue reading Can a lifetime of struggles lead to greatness?