Follow the tracks…

Sometimes I would love nothing more than to be able to simply follow those tracks wherever they go. Can you imagine the countryside you would see if you were able to go the way of the train tracks?  Off the beaten trail, through the mountains, or over the expansive waters, there are some sites that... Continue Reading →


Live each day like it’s your last…

We've all heard people say this, and even sing about it. But have you ever stopped and really considered doing it? Why not? Tomorrow is not promised! We just assume that we will close our eyes tonight and then wake up to a new day. When we do that - we are really taking so... Continue Reading →

Time to recharge….

Clarity comes when you step back for the hustle and bustle of every day life. We all need to experience it on a regular basis. That's what I am doing for the remainder of this week. I have shared several times about my personal draw to the coastal waters...the waves lapping at your feet, etc.... Continue Reading →

What’s the hold up??

So, what exactly is the hold up? Why aren't you out doing all of those things that you truly want to do? I don't want to hear the typical excuses of no time, no money, etc.  If doing any of those things was really THAT important to would find a way to do it?... Continue Reading →

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