A different perspective is often a good thing.

It is a gorgeous morning here in Texas, and what better way to start a week of thankfulness. I know that not every country or culture necessarily observes the same holidays as we do in the USA, but thats okay. A dear friend of mine told me just a few days ago that while as … Continue reading A different perspective is often a good thing.


Let’s show the world what love is!

It’s time to stand up tall and be the positive inspiration that causes the world to still believe in the goodness of mankind. I used to never understand why the negative things of the world had such a life crushing affect on me. After some research into different spiritual beliefs and modalities, I fit into … Continue reading Let’s show the world what love is!

Turn it up…great things are coming!!

Tonight has been a night of healing. Every Thursday I have started going to a prayer meeting with a very dear friend. It is a very small group, usually just 6-8 of us, but that’s ok. I don’t think that it is necessarily the number of people that are there, as it is about the … Continue reading Turn it up…great things are coming!!

Oh lord, it’s time to be humble!!

The world needs a bit more humility I think. I mean, after all…when life comes to an end, theoretically the size of the grave will all be the same… 3 ft wide, 9 ft long, and 6 ft deep, not to mention that we all bleed the same color - red. I’m sorry if that … Continue reading Oh lord, it’s time to be humble!!

Throw out yesterday’s skin…

“Don’t cry for the person you used to be. You need to thank that version of you, because without it you wouldn’t be the beautiful, strong person that you are today. “ We are all constantly changing and evolving, shedding our skin of yesterday. That is a necessary step so that we can come full … Continue reading Throw out yesterday’s skin…

We made it…to Friday!

It started out a beautiful morning, and has only gotten more spectacular as the day has gone by. The feel of the sun gleaming in through the window, wishing that I could be outside to actually feel it on my face…aww. As I have thought all day about how to approach today’s post, I knew … Continue reading We made it…to Friday!