Did I cry wolf?

As I scrolled through my social media news feed this morning, I have the chance to look back at posts from a year ago. One of my posts was about starting over & making changes in my life. But wait, I did a similar post just the week before. Hmm, there was one from the … Continue reading Did I cry wolf?


What is your mark on the world?

"Many people will leave the universe without a trace. No one will know they were here. In fact, under their name on the headstone should read 'Not used up yet!' What contribution are you making? ~Les Brown That's actually a pretty powerful statement if you ask me. It goes hand in hand with another quote … Continue reading What is your mark on the world?

So, what is this all about??

Now that I have been on this blogging journey for just over 6 months, I wanted to share a little bit of what Caterpillars 2 Butterflies is about for those that are new here. Like many others I'm sure, I have been struggling the past few years to really figure out why I am actually … Continue reading So, what is this all about??

Believe in yourself!

Sometimes I wonder why we have such a hard time believing in ourselves enough to go after our dreams. We look at John Doe over there, that is a huge business success and has a nice home, car, etc..and instantly think that there’s no way we can ever do that. The truth is though, we … Continue reading Believe in yourself!

Burn through those clouds…

What a gorgeous morning!! The sun is shining through the clouds, showing that it’s power is stronger than the gloom. That’s the way we should approach life honestly. Learn how to be that strong, powerful sun! Burn away at the gloom and despair until your light shines so bright that there is no mistaking that … Continue reading Burn through those clouds…

Turn it up…great things are coming!!

Tonight has been a night of healing. Every Thursday I have started going to a prayer meeting with a very dear friend. It is a very small group, usually just 6-8 of us, but that’s ok. I don’t think that it is necessarily the number of people that are there, as it is about the … Continue reading Turn it up…great things are coming!!