Not What I Intended

Wow, here we are 18 days into January… and I’m just now posting again! My true intention was to post a reflection every day… but clearly that hasn’t happened. Sadly, I have hit a rather dark place in my life again- and I’m just not quite sure how to dig out. Fear has me so rooted in something that only brings me misery now.

I am realizing that as a ‘human caterpillar’… we often go into the cocoon multiple times in our lives as we try to transition to the beautiful butterfly that we long to be. That cocoon needs to be a period of isolation and self reflecting, as well as looking forward to what it is you wish to become.

Hitting such a low tide in life feels like such a bleak place. When you don’t know who to rely on, and you struggle to find courage to open up. But there is no way you can muster the courage to confront the very one that causes all the pain. So, you continue to live in the he’ll you have created- because there is no right way to dig out of it!

3 thoughts on “Not What I Intended

    1. Thank you Margaret!!! Sadly, as of late- I have honestly let myself slide into such a hole that seeing daylight is extremely hard. But, I am determined to find my way back to better times!! I know it is going to be a very hard struggle though- and much change is going to have to happen within me…..❤️❤️

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