Life is nothing but a series of choices…

As we go through daily life, we come up against all sorts of obstacles designed to test us, and even break us. That is when we must stop and remember, we have the choice to decide how the day will go. We have the ability to decide how our life will go. We are not necessarily dealt a good life or a bad life when we are born. Sure, there are going to be some circumstances beyond our control in the beginning. But, as we get older, and learn more and more about life….we then have the ability to make our own decisions about the future of our own lives.

It personally took me a very long time to come to accept this. I lived within my protective ‘bubble’, or more like the walls of Jericho guarding my heart and soul from all the pain and destruction that had come my way over my life.

Now, we are completely human and there are going to be times that we do make the wrong decisions. That is truly a part of life. Stop and think about it. If we never make a wrong decision or bad choice, how will we ever learn anything?? Exactly, we won’t. So, we have to slip and fall every now and then. But, that’s when choices kick in again…do we stay down and beaten by life, or do we learn from it and rise up stronger than before! Speaking for myself…I am choosing to rise up and become a much better person for all that I have been through. Value the lessons that life throws at you.


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