Waves of Transformation

I just spent the evening on the most amazing conference call wrapping up the #MMHolidayChallenge. I want to thank Jeannine Yoder for all of her hard work and dedication to what she does. As a part of tonight’s call, we were to finalize our theme for the year. When you choose that one word that sums up the coming year, I believe it is should to be the most exhilarating and monumental thing that you can do. When you take the view of life as it is at this moment, then add in the way you want it to be, sprinkle in defining what you think might be missing, and then your theme word becomes your guiding light to get you from A to B.

I can genuinely say that my theme for 2018 is Waves of Transformation! They will be physical, emotional, and just overall attitude. There will be confidence, determination, and conviction. I will say to each and every one of you…. Family, close friends, or new acquaintances… You can support me wholeheartedly, or not, as I go through this journey. But, if you chose not…then just don’t be surprised if during this journey I decide to let go of any relationships that are negative, toxic, or simply do not benefit me or my path to my future.

I am here to become the best life coach possible, and to create and brand my upcoming business in such a way that others will want to join in and tag along to learn how they can evolve their own transformations. Love to all….


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