It’s all about choices…

Sometimes in life we get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of a chaotic world, that we can lose out way a little. That’s when it is time to take a short pause to regroup and see in things are still going the way you really want them to. This can apply to anything in your life – work, school, relationships, creative projects, you name it. It’s during this down time that we need to reflect back to what the true goal or intention was and determine if the importance is still there. What’s changed, what’s better, what’s not so good…there’s a dozen things to think about.

You’ve got to be honest with yourself during this process too! has commitment levels changed, have needs changed? There are so many questions that need to be asked. And you simply can’t be afraid to answer them. However that works out best for you – lists of pros and cons, a series of personal questions and answers, etc. It’s going to be a different method for everybody and for every different topic.

Then when it comes down to it, you can’t be afraid to make any choices that need to be made. If you ever want things to progress from where they are – it comes down to choices. Being ‘stuck’ in a situation is never a place you want to be. If you choose to keep things as they are – then that’s a choice. If you think that maybe it’s time to make a career change – that’s a choice. People outgrow each other and you have to make choices.

Once those choice are made – then it is time to hold on tight and enjoy the ride called life.


2 thoughts on “It’s all about choices…

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  1. Whenever I feel “stuck” and really become aware of it, I realize I’m not stuck, it’s just that I don’t want to accept the options. A guide once told me there are always options, i believe for me that’s true.
    Be well,

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