Follow the tracks…


Sometimes I would love nothing more than to be able to simply follow those tracks wherever they go. Can you imagine the countryside you would see if you were able to go the way of the train tracks?  Off the beaten trail, through the mountains, or over the expansive waters, there are some sites that only the train engineers will ever see.

But, sometimes I actually wish that they were magical train tracks, that could take me anywhere I wanted to go. Take a trip back in time, to the days when the tracks were first being laid. Or maybe they could take you to a place more make-believe, like they did for Harry Potter. I think about all of the different movies I’ve seen that revolve around being on trains…and think that it just might be a bucket list kind of travel excursion that I need to take.

The writer in me is the most intrigued.  To experience the way of the rails, and then incorporate that into a mesmerizing book filled like love and lust, good and evil, even life and death.


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