The Cruelty of the Past

She rounded the corner only to see her past standing there,

Looking around as if trying to find her.

‘What should I do?’ she thought,

‘Do I run away before I’m seen, or do I stay and face it head on?’

The wind begins to blow oh so cold,

Her past still hasn’t seen her yet.

‘I just can’t do this yet,’ she said to herself.

But her feet just wouldn’t move.

She closed her eyes, not wanting to remember anything.

The past had been so loving, yet so cruel.

It had lifted her up so high, only to throw her back to the ground.

The past simply could not be trusted to ever be real again.

The chill went to her bones, her blood felt cold as ice.

Her pain had never gone away completely.

Now here it stood once again, to taunt her with its charm.

The moon & stars were promised, before it cast her to the brink of hell.

Then suddenly it happened, they came face to face.

She couldn’t move, she couldn’t scream

All she could do was stand there frozen,

With the scalding tears streaming down her face.

It had come looking just for her,

So sure that she would be as weak as ever.

It brushed the tears from her cheek,

Trying to reel her in once more.

Then all of a sudden she stood up tall,

She slapped it away from her face.

The tears were filled with anger now,

No longer saddened by what she’d lost.

‘I will not be fooled again, you bastard,’ she glared.

‘My heart will never be yours again.’

She had finally broken the cycle,

She would forever now stand her ground.


2 thoughts on “The Cruelty of the Past

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  1. Absolutely amazing! Every word filled with emotion, so deep, so honest, so intense. You took me with you there, in the bravest part of your beautiful heart, behind the wall, and I’m amazed by your inner strength! I read it with tears in my eyes…thank you for touching my heart once again!

    Liked by 1 person

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