A day for you..

Every now and then, we all need to simply take a day to spend on ourselves. We work so hard every day, and yet somehow always manage to neglect our own self in the process. There is a necessity to the act of doing something for you, that allows you to acknowledge that your body, and your mind have been the firm foundation that you needed to get through your day.

I started this amazing challenge a few days ago with a coach mentor, and it has already brought such enlightment to me in just 6 days. I committed myself to the full 3 week challenge, and it has been both a time of reflection and visualizing things to come all rolled up in one. But the most common premise behind it all so far…that it is ok to take some time for you and your needs.

The ‘rat race’ of daily life takes a toll that we may not even realize. I want to share something we did today, as I think it would be good for everyone to do. Close your eyes for a moment, and envision your entire body, starting at your head. Is there something you need to do to thank your body for being the very vessel that you travel in every day? Work your way down through your body.

Now, work your way down…through you neck, your shoulders, your back, your stomach, all the way to your feet. Ok, visualize those needs. Now, the important part of this…. Decide on one thing you can do for yourself today…and do it!! You’ll be surprised at what a difference it makes in you! You deserve it! You’ve got to take this little bit of time for you!


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