“Stop saying that you are too old, or too damaged, too fat or too broke. Just STOP!”

Self-sabotage is often our biggest enemy, mainly because we are our own worst critics. Society has conditioned us to look at all the negative aspects of our lives. That also includes the things about you that don’t fit the stereotype for what you’re wanting to be or do.

Let’s just try something here. Say you wanted to become one of the new & upcoming motivational speakers, or even a musician. We tuck you behind a curtain while you speak or perform. Reactions have to be based ENTIRELY off of your talent alone. You are a total success, then the curtain is raised. Just because you don’t fit the stereotype, they start back-pedaling on their praise and instead start finding things to criticize. Maybe you are too short, too tall, too skinny, too overweight, or even, not the right age.

Why has society become so disrespectful and downright mean? The more that society dwells on certain things, the more we obsess about them. Then that leads to a whole new set of issues that we have to work on. You are no longer on top of the world, but have been diminished to a mere shell of mediocracy.

Well, get off the pity party wagon right now. If things are EVER going to be any different, then someone has got to take that first step towards change. Let that someone be YOU!!! Fight for your place among the greats of your time!! You deserve that!! We all do!! Wipe out the stereotype, and prove that no matter what, talent is talent… and that deserves to be appreciated.


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