It opened my eyes…

It took the words of a very dear friend to open my eyes. Claudia, from between the lines, has been quite an inspiration to me over the last few months. Her writings always intice me to look beyond just the words she writes, but to see the vision as well.

She had read one of my posts from the beginning of the month, where I was talking about struggling to find the Christmas spirit. I don’t remember when I really lost it, though it feels like forever ago. There’s the over commercialized aspects to the rude, often very ungrateful children, and even adults. Maybe they didn’t get EXACTLY what they wanted, or even at the opposite extreme- they got EVERYTHING they wanted and then some. To me, it just seems more and more like the very essence of the reason for the season itself has been lost. The simplicity of the giving and receiving gifts has migrated from being something from the heart to be treasured, and has become more about the power of the pocketbook.

I personally no longer get excited about decorating for the holiday, because far too often it becomes nothing more than a competition to out do the neighbors. The fun has been lost.

Needless to say, it humbled me immensely when she told me that the very spirit the I am seeking, is already inside of me. With all that I do for others, like helping take care of my windowed father-in-law to now moving in with my elderly parents to help take care of them. Even the entire premise behind my blog and the other projects I have in store, are all about helping others. So, when she said I live the very essence of the holiday spirit that I seek, it humbled me and caused me stop and think.

The more I thought about it all, it leaves me feeling somewhat ashamed as I realized that inadvertently, I had fell victim to the very commercialism that I don’t like. By wondering why I don’t feel the joy for the decorating and the other traditions like that, I have been allowing myself to become so focused on that, that even I had lost sight of the true spirit.

We all need a reminder like that from time to time. So, unplug yourself more this season to enjoy the time with family and friends. If you keep a daily blog schedule going, then prepare some and schedule them to post on the days you wish to step away. Be grateful for all that you have, my friends. Someone in the world, maybe even right in your own neighborhood, there may be those that literally have nothing

God bless my friends!


4 thoughts on “It opened my eyes…

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  1. I meant every word…the Christmas spirit is a special kind of light…it makes us reach out to the ones in need, it takes us the lonely ones, it gives us strength to overcome fears and resentments…And it’s not always cheerful, sometimes it’s melancholic or nostalgic…we can cry near the sparkling lights, but the essence stays the same: kindness and love. I saw it in you…and it made me a better person. We simply need to keep it alive in our souls…
    Blessings of love and hope upon you!

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    1. Thank you my friend!!! My outlook has certainly changed the last couple of days, as I have thought about it all. To know that I am helping someone see the betterment in their own lives…help me see it in mine as well. There are going to be great things to come…and I can’t wait to help all of those that I can!!! Hugs my friend!!!

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