Are you prepared?

“What you did yesterday, prepared you for today. What you do today, prepares you for tomorrow. And what you do tomorrow, prepares you for the rest of your life. Notice a common theme… YOU! Never forget that YOU are in control of your life! It’s all in your hands!”

Now, I am probably one of the worst at wanting the near instant gratification for something I am doing. It’s that little validation that what I’m trying to do is actually working. But, one thing I am learning to accept is that all things truly worth having are going to take hard work and patience on my part. I must believe in myself, and trust that everything will turn out ok.

Ironically – you must prepare, to be prepared. Most projects, ventures, businesses, etc., fail due to a lack of preparation and research. But, all of the hard work today, most definitely will contribute to the success of tomorrow. This is especially true of any long term ventures that can only be accomplished over time. You must take things step by step.

Every single day is a result of the day before. Therefore, all of your hard work from yesterday, benefits today. How can you honestly expect to have positive results, if you don’t do the foundation right? You can’t expect someone else to do the steps for you!! This is YOUR responsibility. The great thing about that…when you take responsibility for your actions, and your life – you are now in a very powerful position. It means that the outcome you desire is not dependent on anyone else.

So today, think about what you can do in order to prepare for a better tomorrow.


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