The Age of Understanding

via Daily Prompt: Age

There comes a point in life when things just start to make sense. But know that not all understanding comes at the same point. There’s things that a 10 year old doesn’t need to know about yet. So that particular knowledge comes much later.

Figuring out your true purpose in life is one of those things that has no age limit. I’m sure there are those that have just known from a young age what they are here to do. Then there are others, much like myself, that don’t get it until much later in life. Why is that, do you think? It could be because you need to go through certain experiences in life that will teach you what you really need to know. There is no age restriction that says you have to have it figured out by the time you turn 20, 30, or even 90. It’s only when you have been through adequate scenarios in your life that will equip you to proceed along your true path.

If only the school of life came with degrees!! Don’t get me wrong, getting a good education is important. But there are just some things you cannot learn inside those textbooks. Common sense must be learned through life experiences. Manners must be taught at a young age, by the adults in your life. There is no textbook or instruction manual for life!

The age of understanding has no exact timeline. We have the potential to still learn something new until the day we die.


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