Last chapter of 2017…

Are you ready to start the last chapter for this year? Do you think you will spend it reflecting back over the year, the good and the bad? Or will you spent it planning ahead for what you want to accomplish in the coming year? I personally am thinking it will probably be a combination of the two. It honestly took this very year to be able to prepare for the future.

If you had to list 3 of the top moments of 2017, could you narrow it down? They could be good ones, or bad ones…top moments that made the biggest impact…

My top moments:

1. The morning of my epiphany- when life finally made sense and meant something.

2. The day I had to make the decision to move in with my elderly parents to help take care of them. This was probably one of the most difficult things I’ve had to do. I am essentially putting the majority of my life on hold…in order to become caregiver.

3. The day I found my voice, and began to use my gift of words to try and help others.

Now, on the flip side of that. What would be 3 goals for 2018?? Surely you have some things in mind!! We all need a dream or two in our heart. Its never too late for those dreams to come true! The timing hasn’t been right before, but there is always hope that 2018 will be the year!!

Here’s my goals:

1. To get my certification as a life coach, so that I can truly start helping others as my career.

2. To get my finances in order so that I can leave my current job to stay home with my parents as they are needing more and more help. Being home with them will actually allow me more time to work on all my coaching and blogging, so there is a positive

3. To have my first book together, based on my first year of blogs. Organize my blogs into categories, and continue to do so each year.

So…I am anxious for some responses… ❤ Can’t wait to learning more about you guys!!


10 thoughts on “Last chapter of 2017…

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      1. Yes, it does! It will be a big year for us too! It will be our last bit of “sea duty” which is when my husband gets deployed and goes out on his submarine. After that, he will finish up his career on “shore duty” which means NO MORE DEPLOYMENTS! Yay! It’s time for us to really start planning for what we want to be when we grow up-aka retire from the military 😉

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      2. Awesome!!! Sounds like wonderful times ahead then!!!! I honestly can’t imagine being a military wife, and having to deal with the times of separation like that. Hats off to you, and to your husband for his service! I hope that the coming year is all that you dream of!!

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      3. Thank you. I appreciate your thoughtful words. It can definitely be tough. But, we just keep focused we are on the home stretch of it and can be “normal” soon! Definitely a lot to be thankful for and look forward to during this coming year! My step son graduates, my brother graduates, my sister is getting married and we may/may not be moving in the fall to our last duty station. It will be a busy one! I need to make some personal goals to go with it!

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