You’re not dead yet…

Why is it we think we have to have life figured out by a certain age? So you reached 30 to find that you merely went to a job each day that you don’t necessarily like. Oh no, 35 came and went without a clue of what you really want out of life. Ok, 40…this will be the year! I want to be…well damn, I still don’t know.

That light might flicker some over the years, only enough to tease you. But that’s totally ok. There is absolutely nothing that says we have to have our life all figured out by the time we turn 30,40..whatever age. That’s the beauty of being individual people. It doesn’t have to be the exact same for everyone.

So keep doing what you do…even if it’s not exactly what you think you want to do. Doors will open and opportunities will arise when the time is right and then things will all fall into place. As long as you are alive and breathing, there is that chance for change and clarity. So, never give up!


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