It’s almost over.

Here we are, winding down yet another year. Have you accomplished what you wanted to? Have you made any progress towards it at all? I know the answers will vary. If you have little, or no, progress…what’s holding you back? If you said fear, then it’s time for you to step back and seriously take a look at your goal. We are all afraid at some point when it comes to going after what we want. But if your dream really matters to you, then that alone should be bigger than all your fears.

What.. You don’t know where to start? Well, ultimately that depends on your goal, if you are looking for specifics. But isn’t it better to simply pick a place to start, than sitting around idle waiting for the dream to come to you? Come on, do you really think that’s how it works? No, you have to work hard for what you want. Just when you feel like giving up, try harder.

Never lose sight of the big picture, but break it down into smaller steps. Set true mini goals, with realistic time tables. Then, go for it. Dig deep and find the determination to make it happen. Guess what.. You are going to screw up along the way! You’re going to face challenges. You will have a few failures along that road too. That’s just a part of it, my friend. But, these are tests that we all have to face. Sometimes, they will either make or break us.

As we get ready to go into the last month of 2017, it’s time to evaluate what you want in life. Do you have big dreams that you want to bring to life? Then spend the coming weeks making plans. Outline how you can breakdown your goal into smaller steps that you can handle. Remember, you are going to fail some. But use that as a learning tool. Figure out what you need to do differently to make it work next time. Before you know it, you have made it through each goal.

What are you waiting for?? Get busy! Bring that dream to life!!


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