It’s the circle of life…

As I prepare to move in with my elderly parents to help take care of them, it is as much about mental preparation as it is everything else. After another fall landed my mom in the hospital for several days, my brother & I pretty much told them that it was time to let in help. They hesitantly agreed to let me move in so that if anything were to happen again, I would be there. The more I think about things, the more snags I see in our plans though. And it’s definitely time to do my research and learn more about what is going on with both parents.

Mom has very advanced dementia. Everybody keeps telling me that I can’t call it Alzheimer’s because that can’t be actually diagnosed until after they are passed. Somehow, I don’t think that is entirely true. (hence, need the research.) I have watched the various progressive steps over the last several years, with this last year being the most significant. Her memory, and overall thought process, is pretty much gone. You can’t carry on a conversation that requires much thought on her part. Most of the time you have to keep things short and simple.

It all brings to mind the very fundamental facts of the circle of life. We come into this world as babies, and sadly, so often as we reach the final stages of our life, our actions become almost child-like again. The parent takes care of the child, and then the child takes care of the parent. And that is perfectly ok. We should treasure the moments that we have to share together. It will be a difficult journey for me, but I am determined to make it all work out.


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