Time for an honest talk…

What a day! I have struggled and struggled today to focus on what to share. My mind kept drawing a blank. I wonder why that is? Have I possibly run out of things to say? Highly doubtful, seeing as here I am randomly spouting off.

I was looking through my personal Facebook page earlier, and it really dawned on me that no one there ever even acknowledges the blog posts that I share. There is absolutely no feedback, ever. Now, I realize that a lot of times people may read things that do impact them but they don’t ever say anything because that would mean admitting that just maybe things aren’t as perfect in their world as they would like them to be. That’s ok, I get it. That is something I have enjoyed sharing on here though. This community of fellow bloggers is more honest and forth coming than most of my friends and family here at home. That leaves me feeling very grateful, and humbled, at the same time. Here lately I have been making multiple posts a day. The more familiar and comfortable I become with WordPress, the more I want to share and reach people that I might not have reached before.

I have been thinking a lot lately about where my path is to lead from here. I know what my purpose is, I know what my goals are, I’m just trying to figure out the journey between the two. Is it a big dream to want to be a motivator? Absolutely! Is it a big dream to want to become a certified life coach, create an empowerment group, establish a specialty gift shop geared at purely motivational and inspirational items, and all the other steps I want to take? You better bet that it is! Those are terrifying dreams for so many reasons. And so much of that stems back to my own struggles. How can I be and do all of that, when I still battle my anxiety and depression some as well? I keep holding to the thought that the very process of wanting to try and help others does in fact help me too. I have absolutely no shame in saying that I still have rough days! I have no problem admitting that I fear not being good enough to make a difference. That is one of my root insecurities. I dream big…of building my own ’empire’ of motivation. But, I am so afraid of never being good enough or smart enough to make it happen.

I hope that my show of honesty today doesn’t deter anyone from believing in me, or what I am here to do in this world. I just needed to share with someone, and doing it here made sense.


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