Cutting ties… Strengthening self…

It is a very liberating feeling when you start to cut ties with the negative in you life. It’s not always something that you want to do…but we have to remember that not everyone is meant to be in our lives forever. That opportunity is limited to very, very few.

People come into our lives for a reason, don’t you agree? Many times they are here to teach us a lesson. Now, sometimes it may takes years, even decades to learn that lesson. That’s ok though! Other times it may a very short lived friendship! We just never know. Experiences can be good or bad, but that’s how it needs to be.

When you are going through a personal transformation, there’s a variety of aspects that you may truly be working on. For some it is all about appearances and the physical blossoming into the beautiful swan. Then for others it can be more about the emotional or mental aspect. Maybe you’ve been the quiet, shy type that is longing to come out of your shell. Are you actually the opposite? You tend to be overly outspoken and always saying more than you should and you want to learn to mellow it down a bit. There’s also a third group. They are the ones that are wanting to work on all the above. That transformation will likely be a very lengthy process. You have to accept that any of the journeys are going to take some time.

I always refer back to my own journey to give you examples of how things can go. Today is no different. My journey is honestly one that covers the inside and the outside. For me it has proven to be best starting with the inside. Now there have been a few obvious, pivotal moments or instances that have had huge impacts on my progress. The first very notable one was Easter weekend and waking up with such clarity about my purpose. That was the inspirational moment that I decided to move forward with the blog. What a journey in itself that has been.

During the course of our prayer group the other night, something we all asked for help with, was learning to let go. Let go of old feelings, let go of old ways. Letting go of toxic, negative people and situations. I think today was the start of the answer to that prayer request for me. To summarize it, I’ve got a friend that has been a part of my life for almost 30 years, sometimes a close part, then periods when he’s not. Lately, we’ve been somewhere in the middle of that. Bear in mind that I’ve always been the quiet, shy type that keeps everything to myself. I don’t like confrontation. I don’t like to hurt others in any way at all.

Today, the quintessential straw broke the camel’s back! A simple action on my part led to the ultimate lesson for me. For the first time in my life, I truly stood up for myself when someone’s words came across very offensive and hurtful. I wasn’t going to react, but the more I thought about it, the more angry I got. Although I added a few choice words…I spoke from my heart, saying exactly what I felt. It’s safe to say, that I probably severed the ties with that friend today. But, his toxic attitude always has such an affect on me. When I finished speaking my mind…I felt positively amazing. To say it was a liberating experience is almost an understatement. But, it proved to me that I could do it. And rest assured, as I continue on this journey…it will be happening more and more.

We all deserve to feel that freedom in our life! Do you feel it in yours?


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