Not what you’re expecting…

via Daily Prompt: Mushroom

Let’s get to the shade of that umbrella the older one said. The sun outside was a real scorcher today. They just weren’t made for the direct sunlight, but somehow they had gotten lost on their way home from the lake. ‘This is what happens when you don’t pay attention to your surroundings!’ He had the slightest touch of anger in his voice as he spoke to his 2 younger siblings. How did he manage to get stuck with them anyways? The whole family had come to the lake to catch a few dips in the water, but he had mainly come to see if any of his friends were there too.

Well, it’s too late to worry about that part now, he thought. I’ve just got to get us home. It’s not far, but we can’t make the whole trip without stopping in the shade along the way. The road home would be a long one at this rate, but they had to do it. Mom and dad would be so upset if anything happened to any of them. So, the trio started out on the journey. The umbrella seemed so far away. ‘It’s hot,’ the younger ones started whining. ‘We are almost there, just a few more steps.’ Just when they thought they couldn’t take another step, they felt the sun go away and knew they had reached it. And just their luck, there was a small puddle of water that dipped under the rim of the umbrella as well. Just enough to help them make the last of the journey.

Who would have ever thought that the life of a bug could be so hard? How else could you use a giant mushroom as your umbrella??


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