Burn through those clouds…


What a gorgeous morning!! The sun is shining through the clouds, showing that it’s power is stronger than the gloom. That’s the way we should approach life honestly. Learn how to be that strong, powerful sun! Burn away at the gloom and despair until your light shines so bright that there is no mistaking that the world is a beautiful place.

I know we all have our struggles. Some are obvious, but so many are not. That’s ok, you know. We are all going to have bad days…we are only human. There will never be such a thing as a perfect life while on this earth. It can get pretty close to it…but, true perfection is only obtainable in the afterlife. Each day we have a choice though. We can focus on that negative that has come across our path, or we can stand up tall and turn that into a positive to help us move forward. Now wouldn’t that be a better solution? I sure think so!!

I’ve had my days of walking around all gloomy and hating life. Depression and anxiety are a part of my life, I accept that. But, I am choosing every day to do what it takes to move past it. Sure, part of that requires a few medications to help with the chemical imbalances in my body that contribute to the illness. But, through motivation and my desire to help others move forward…it pushes me to not let it get the better of me. You can do it too!


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