Throw out yesterday’s skin…

“Don’t cry for the person you used to be. You need to thank that version of you, because without it you wouldn’t be the beautiful, strong person that you are today. “

We are all constantly changing and evolving, shedding our skin of yesterday. That is a necessary step so that we can come full circle into the person that we are supposed to be today.

Do you ever feel like your phone, having changed and updated so many times that you are on operating system 14.3? And to top it off, a lot of the changes weren’t all that easy. But, there is always that deep understanding that something much bigger than you is the push behind the change. Well, remember this…NOTHING ever stays the same. Change is one of the most inevitable things in life. Bad changes to good, good changes to bad, and then everything else in between.

There is a very powerful and profound reason I chose the name for my blog! The entire intent of a caterpillar’s life is geared around change and transformation. It spends one season of its life as one thing…the caterpillar. Then after a season in isolation, it emerges into its third season as something totally different- a beautiful butterfly.

We are all destined for greatness, if we are willing to accept and rise to the tasks. Now no, we won’t suddenly develop our own beautiful, visible wings and fly off into the sunset. But we are extremely capable of both external and internal transformations, in an attempt to become the absolute best version of ourselves that we can be.

I personally have been on my own journey of transformation over the past six months or so. I used to be this extremely shy, timid girl who always preferred to stay tucked into a corner far away from the world. I never liked to draw attention to myself. I allowed myself to become so dependent on others as a way to project some semblance of peace and happiness in my life.

Through some not so pleasant processes, I finally reached a point earlier this year where I was mentally ready to make some changes. Even at the beginning of this year I would have been absolutely petrified of starting the blog, or anything like that. And actually post a couple of videos too…no way. But, guess what? I’ve done it!! I have accepted what I believe is my purpose in this life, and I am ready to see things take off like wildfire.

Don’t allow fear and anxiety to have that kind of control over you! Instead, use that fear as the driving force to prove to yourself and others who may doubt you, that you can do it! YOU CAN DO ANYTHING! Believe in yourself enough, the rest will come naturally!


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