New Years Resolutions

Here we are winding down yet another year. Soon everyone will be sharing their laundry list of new years resolutions. The saddest part of that is there will be a lot of folks that don’t make it past the first few days. Why is that, do you suppose? A lot of it could be because it is so much easier to just TALK about those things rather than actually doing them. There will be a list of excuses like “I don’t have time”, “I don’t have anyone to help hold me accountable”, or “I didn’t know it was going to be this hard”.

Make I make a suggestion? Stop making these goals so unrealistic that you would rather just give up. Oh, I have been there myself, believe me! Then I thought about the old saying, “Practice what I preach”. So, I hope that by sharing bits and pieces of my experiences here, I will somehow inspire or encourage someone else to move forward towards their our journey.

Change is never easy, we all know that. But if we learn to take small steps towards a goal, instead of only looking at the big picture at the end. This can apply whether it’s a weight loss goal, educational goals, emotional healing goals, etc. Let’s take me, for example. I’ve had a 30+year battle with depression, anxiety and until recently, undiagnosed ADHD. After seeking professional help to address the medical side of things, I began trying to find ways to help with the spiritual, emotional side. Motivational videos, calming music and guided meditations…whatever I could find. The point is, I put forth the effort to make the first of the changes.

I had honestly gotten to where I had brushed any goals or dreams off to the side, believing that they would always be out of reach. I just went through daily life, letting it happen however it was destined to. When I woke up that Monday morning about 6 months ago now, with a totally new outlook on life, all I can say is that God opened my eyes, and I haven’t looked back. Sure, I still have rough day now and then…but that’s just part of life.

If you choose to read through more of my posts and find something that would benefit someone you know… please, feel free to pass it along. I look forward to hearing from Amy that want a support partner as they start on their journey to transformation as well.

Do you have what it takes??


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  1. My lIfe is about the smallest moments that accumulate over time. I attempt to make every small moment made a difference. So, it all matters. If I remain aware and in the moment I notice that I am never overwhelmed. It’s only when I start becoming obsessed by the end results and forget the journey that I become anxious and doubtful. (Look up the Todo Institute. It’s all about making the most our of every moment!)

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