Leap of Faith

If you are not willing to do something different to get to a new place in life, then you will be stuck spinning your wheels never getting anywhere. Look, there’s always new ways to look at things, new tactics to get different results.

Me, of all people, chose to step outside my comfort zone, and you know what…it hasn’t been all that bad. I’ve explored different spiritual practices, ways to heal your own soul….and so much has started to change for me.

Everyone has different beliefs and thought processes, and that’s ok. You shouldn’t subject yourself to things just because someone else is doing it, it needs to be because you find something in the process that works for you. Remember, it’s all about you.

Now, I’m not saying become a selfless sh,no nonsense kind of person. But you do have to take care of yourself, love yourself, and I think most importantly, believe in yourself. If you can’t do that for you…how do expect anyone else to do it either?

Remember, you are your own person. You don’t NEED someone else to complete you. Sure, that’s a very romantic,movie screen kind of notion! But, that’s not how it should be in real life. I mean, do you really want to rely on someone else’s opinions of you when they don’t genuinely know you?

I will admit, this used to be one of my biggest flaws I had. I didn’t know how to be by myself., and be ok with that. I didn’t think I could do anything on my own. I felt I had to have others around me that could validate my very existence. With everything that I’ve been through the past few years…divorce, dating, heart-wrenching breakup, then capped off with my emotional meltdown…I am still slowly learning how to get past this flaw. I WANT to do things on my own…I just have to make myself do them.

I will be honest, I had thought I was getting closer to the end of my transformation, but I’m finding that as I share more and more, there’s still some things to work on. But that’s perfectly ok. Freedom will come when you trust in the process of letting go and transforming yourself into that better person.

Let’s go on this journey together. The number one thing you need during your journey will be the right support system around you! Hold you head high, believe in what you are doing, and take that leap.


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