Still a work in progress…

If someone had tried to tell me at the beginning of the year just where I’d be right now, I would have called them crazy! Me…sharing my life, giving my advice and opinions freely…ummm, I don’t think so.

But, seven months later here I am. I have got the overall premise of my visions down on paper, I have been blogging almost every day, and I am ready to venture to the next steps I think.

I may still have a few areas I need to pay some attention to, but I believe that my transformation has been purely blessed by God. Without him, I would have never found the strength and courage to do all this.

It is almost impossible to go from the worst place possible in your life to totally healed overnight. It times time and patience and the determination to do what it takes to change and get better. The one thing that can make a huge impact on your progress, is having the right people around you.

Having been at the edge, dealing with depression and anxiety…I like to think that experiences I may share will actually help someone else. I don’t ever want anyone to feel like they are alone during their struggles. I know a little about how that feels, and there really needs to be a good support system around you.

I believe I am still a work in progress, and that’s ok. I will always be here for anyone who needs me though.


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