Don’t waste your time with guilt and worry.

‘When thinking about life, remember this very important point… No amount of guilt can change the past, and no amount of anxiety can change the future.’
This one sure resonates with me! I spent so many years feeling horribly guilty for things I had done in the past. And because I couldn’t never get past that guilt, I kept repeating the same mistakes over and over again. I just wasn’t learning the lessons intended.
Then to top that off, I worried about everything. ‘Living in the moment’ just wasn’t a concept I could get a grasp of. I got stuck between the hell of my past and the almost certain failures of the futures. 
It honestly was the most excruciating place to be in life. Then one night it all came crashing in on me. I had made such a mess of my life, but once I got past a few days at rock bottom…I chose to lift my head high and use what I had been through to try and help others somehow. 
We are each on our own journey in this life. We have inner demons to deal with and a ton of obstacles along our path. But if we will open up just a little and be brave enough to trust someone new…we can all help each other get through it.


2 thoughts on “Don’t waste your time with guilt and worry.

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  1. One crazy moment on a Zen retreat I came to the realization that no matter where my mind wanted to be the fact remained I was in the moment. It was like I finally realized that I was creating my own miserable little dream world.
    Love the blog.

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