We made it…to Friday!


It started out a beautiful morning, and has only gotten more spectacular as the day has gone by. The feel of the sun gleaming in through the window, wishing that I could be outside to actually feel it on my face…aww.

1185112_10151759755294197_572628538_nAs I have thought all day about how to approach today’s post, I knew I wanted to keep it positive and uplifting. There is so much sadness and dismay in the world around us these days. Now, there will come a time that deeper subjects will need to be discussed and situations will need to be explored. And it is my desire to prepare some posts just like that.

It almost looks like I am trying to act like a teacher or something. Notebooks all over the place, planner laid out to decide what’s next to post. But, I can honestly say – the more I do this, the stronger I become. I am also noticing the more my goals and dreams are strengthening and even expanding a bit. I am dreaming big, I want to make a huge difference in the world around me. I want to work with clients that just want, and need, someone in their life to support them during whatever transformational change is happening in their life. More than anything, I am ready to devote all of my time to pursuing these dreams. Hopefully one day soon.

dreamstime_xl_35059645-custom1255072088.jpgMake it a point folks, to get out this weekend. Spend time with friends or family. Soak up some sunshine. Go for a walk or bike ride in nature. Just take the time to live life, and truly enjoy it!!



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