We can’t approach this gingerly

via Daily Prompt: Gingerly

The weather has finally begun to change here in Texas. It seems that the clouds have moved in, and just may be here to stay for a while. The abrupt seasonal changes that we experience don’t merely affect the temperature though. It almost always will wreak havoc on one’s emotional/mental stability as well.

For those that battle with depression, anxiety, etc…this time of year can play hell with us. I used to think it was more of a holiday thing that increased the mood swings. The holidays can have a huge impact, no doubt about that, but I have come to realize in the last couple of years that the constant gloomy weather has an equal part in it.

We don’t need to gingerly tip-toe around the situation anymore. There are resources out there that can help. Maybe it’s vitamin D supplements, or there is light therapy to simulate being out in the sunshine. And then there is support from others that understand. Work together with a support buddy to help each other stay positive and uplifted every day.


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