Just one more shot….

All she wanted was to taste the liquor as it passed through her lips. It had been such a day, and she just didn’t know any other way to deal with it. There were no friends to turn to, no love of her life to share thing with. She had never felt more alone. Her entire life had been such a roller coaster, something that she just never understood. So how could she ever move forward when the past was always sneaking up on her.

It would be different if it was an actual person that was coming around….simply ignore them. Or if there was a particular place that triggered it…just don’t go there. But her biggest problem was her memories. When she least expected it, she would get consumed with a rush of memories about that time in her life. It was a true thorn in her side, and something she needed to learn to control. The trouble was, she couldn’t pinpoint the trigger, if there really was one. How could she fight something that she couldn’t see? To say she felt helpless was more than an understatement.

So, she turned to the bottle in her weakest moments. She wanted love, but she stayed such an emotional mess, that no one could ever get close enough to her. For now, she would simply learn to be alone….


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