Do you know a ‘Walter’ in your life??


Living in someone else’s bubble as a tenant can be quite restricting. You feel as through you must stay on eggshells, because you don’t want to overstep boundaries. After all, this isn’t your space. You are merely borrowing a small corner. The ‘common areas’ don’t feel so common, almost like you don’t have the right to be there. And you certainly can’t even think about bringing anyone there… It’s not your space, and you don’t have that right. But when the topic comes up of moving on…’oh, don’t go. It’s nice having you there.’ Really? Because more often that not, seem more like a burden, or hindrance, just always in the way.


Why do some of us live life with such a chip on our shoulder?? I understand life can be tough, and I’m sure you’ve been hurt before by those you’ve trusted. But why does that give you the right to be so mean and hateful and aggressive towards others?? What good does the bitterness accomplish?? As far as I can see, it only does more harm. Harboring such ill feelings is so destructive. Those that love you – fear you. Those that want to trust you- don’t dare. Is isolation what you are after?? Because that is the road you are on.

To be called friends –  should be something to be protected. Yet, that seems to be the invitation to allow yourself to be used as a verbal, and possibly sometimes physical, battering ram. Friends should be our chosen family. The ones that we truly want around us. The ones that we know we can count on, when there is no one else. But, that bond is constantly threatened by hostility and spite.

Today is a day of clearing the mind. It’s a freeing of the soul if you will. But it is meant to serve as a reminder that the ones who truly care…might not always be there. The words, the actions, the bitterness….it drives a wedge that can never be undone. There is more to life than living like that. Find a way to be happy! Value those that want to be in your life.


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