Words can cut like a knife!!

"Be sure to taste your words before you spit them out!" We are all guilty of it at some point in life, speaking before we think. The problem with that, is that once the words are spoken, they can't be taken back. No matter how many times you may apologize, or try to make excuses... Continue Reading →


You better prepare yourself..

"Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and think about what could go right!" Isn't that the problem for about 95% of us? We allow ourselves to get so caught up in the 'what ifs' that could go wrong. That is a fear that we simply don't even need to allow into our minds.... Continue Reading →

Are you ready?

It is an amazing feeling to know in your heart that there is not a single thing you can't accomplish, if you just put your mind to it. The sky truly is the limit!! With my various battles over my lifetime, I used to doubt this aspect for myself. But I have found that as... Continue Reading →

So, what is this all about??

Now that I have been on this blogging journey for just over 6 months, I wanted to share a little bit of what Caterpillars 2 Butterflies is about for those that are new here. Like many others I'm sure, I have been struggling the past few years to really figure out why I am actually... Continue Reading →

You’re not dead yet…

Why is it we think we have to have life figured out by a certain age? So you reached 30 to find that you merely went to a job each day that you don't necessarily like. Oh no, 35 came and went without a clue of what you really want out of life. Ok, 40...this... Continue Reading →

Are you a glow stick?

"It's okay to be a glow stick! Sometimes we have to break before we can shine." I have to admit, the first time I heard this, I had to chuckle. To even remotely compare oneself to a glow stick - is actually a genius perspective. The more I thought about it, the more the statement... Continue Reading →

It’s almost over.

Here we are, winding down yet another year. Have you accomplished what you wanted to? Have you made any progress towards it at all? I know the answers will vary. If you have little, or no, progress...what's holding you back? If you said fear, then it's time for you to step back and seriously take... Continue Reading →

Believe in yourself!

Sometimes I wonder why we have such a hard time believing in ourselves enough to go after our dreams. We look at John Doe over there, that is a huge business success and has a nice home, car, etc..and instantly think that there‚Äôs no way we can ever do that. The truth is though, we... Continue Reading →

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