Answers in the solitude…


In the solitary chair, she awaited the sunrise. Her heart had been so heavy, burdened with all the negativity around her. She was tired of being judged, tired of feeling ashamed of who she was, and tired of struggling so hard to please everyone else.

She started her morning walk down the coast a bit, but when she came upon the weather-beaten green chair, she was drawn to it almost like a magnet. After making sure no one else was there to claim the seat, she collapsed into the chair and an entire arsenal of emotions stormed her. What was she honestly supposed to do next?? She just couldn’t think beyond the present moment, let alone try to figure out her entire life.

She knew what she WANTED to do…who she wanted to be…. Now, she just had to find the strength to believe in herself that she had what it takes to accomplish it.  People around her were always so quick to put her down, and frankly, she had had enough.  Stumbling upon the old green chair had probably the absolute best thing that could have happened to her.  Watch out world…the spark in her soul was coming to life!


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